Wednesday, 12 May 2010

More designs from Sarita!

OK, so are you one of those girls that likes to read a magazine from start to finish, ie; flicking each page over in order and if you need to put it down you simply start the next time at that same place....or are you one of those girls that simply flicks from section to section front to back, page to page not worrying about the order?

You guessed it, I'm soooo the first one, especially with a magazine like LIVING ETC. I know its my OCD tendencies, but I love to savour a magazine from start to finish. Well I'm a bit like that with my emails too...once I hit the send and receive button on my inbox, and lots of emails pour in, even though I might see names that I love and can't wait to open, I do try and read my emails in order (or delete those spam ones in order)...but when I see an email from Sarita from littleprincesscards, then I stop all my orderly ways and simply click on it straight away especially when its title reads "more delish designs!"... her designs are so cool! I love the way she's mixed the Delish Bistro Collection with this gorgeous SU's Not Quite Navy cardstock. Definitely check out her blog this week to see these amazing projects up close.

Feeling a bit odd today, as mini scrapper has just gone on her first school baby will be gone till Friday school pick-up time. Seems really weird that I'll not have to panic at 3 o'clock, throw on some shoes and rush to the school gates. OK, so once I recover from growing-up-baby-syndrome then I'll relax in knowing I've got a whole day to potter in my studio getting designs ready for my class tomorrow and also Scrap Saturday this weekend...and then the boy and I get to go for a Thai tonight - how romantic!

hhhmmm what shall I make first - fancy doing some this space!

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