Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Garden Wins Gold!!!

Yipppeeeeee, the garden won a Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show this morning. Here is a shot off a mobile, but you can just see my collage wall at the bottom.Not sure if anyone is watching Chelsea on TV, but the garden is the Green & Black's Rainforest Garden in the Courtyard Section. It was on the BBC last night, with Her Majesty the Queen in front of the garden talking to the designers....apparently she even commented on my collage wall - so how cool is that! I'm desperately trying to get some pictures, but the boys need to send me jpegs rather than tons of images on email that are saveable...so bear with me. Best way to see the garden is to follow this link to the RHS website, where you'll see the garden and a 360 degree camera shot as well.

My brother-in-law hiding amongst the huge plants! (figussomethingorother latin)

How gorgeous is this weather! have been really enjoying opening all the windows and letting the outdoors in.

Hope you are having sunny thoughts too!


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