Monday, 17 May 2010


Thought you might like to see a couple of the layouts we did for Scrap Saturday this month.....I love black and white papers and enjoyed trying out these new ones from My Minds Eye. I simply covered an envelope front and flap and then put on a paper rose with a delish shield brad in the middle. This become the start of the centre piece combined with menu cards from this collection, along with delish clear stamp stickers.

For the photos, my girls always tease me about taking portrait photos! I don't mean to, my camera just seems to fit the picture in better when I tilt it to the side - so this time I foxed them by simply making portrait photos by cutting my 4x6 landscape ones into 2 inch strips. Love the way it now looks. For the smaller ones up top, I cut down to 3x2. Have a go at cutting your photos like this, its amazing how you can really focus in on the subject.

On our second layout, I showed the girls how delightful it is to hand-cut fabric when you simply iron on violene (is that how you spell it??)it makes the fabric must stronger. I then draw a doodle stitch line around the petals to save my sewing fingers. Next layer was a simple piece of hat netting, then my favourite puff flower in the middle. I did just nip in a couple of pleats into the netting so that it gave a nice 3d effect. Think these would look fab on clothes, bags, album covers - one for your "embellishment production" line ladies. I then made my own bling, by punching glittery paper with my single hole punch (remember the dots will be hidden in its "jaws" - it was very funny watching everyone look on their tables to find the dots). You then have lovely glittery dots to decorate with....and yes I did ink every one if case you were wondered. I then just used frame stamps to finish off, catching the very edge of the rose on the frame stamp along the side of the strip of paper to make an interesting edge that matched.

OK, so in case your wondering about the collage...well I am doing a secret project for a Chelsea Garden...just think 10 square meters covered in old maps. As soon as I'm allowed to show you sneak peaks I will! promise!

Keep happy and organise to call a friend that you've been meaning to call for ages. It was with great sadness that we attended a friends funeral today, who we weren't ready to say goodbye to, but who has left us with a memory of living life to the full and enjoying every moment we are here!


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  1. Love your color combinations.. beautiful. Thanks for sharing


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