Thursday, 20 May 2010

Big Collage!

Well as you know I've had my head down for the past few days working on a secret project for Chelsea Flower Show...well here is a bit of a sneak peak...stop looking at the boys legs ladies, and focus on the wall around the garden...yip its collaged by me! lots of maps pasted one on top of the other....and yes I'm freaking at how close the dumper truck is, but apparently (according to my boy) its not actually touching and the walls are covered in plastic for protection. If you fancy seeing the garden they are building, check out this link to the RHS site;

Now I'm not suggesting you start to collage your house, but don't forget it is a great technique when you need a change. Here is a much more girly example of a scrapped collage heart we did last week at Eternal Maker.

Enjoy thinking up ideas of how you'll collage this week!
Will send you more pictures as the garden grows! (did you see how big those plants are?)

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