Thursday, 17 June 2010

BBQ Googles!

As parents, the boy and I hope to give mini scrapper as many life skills as possible and the confidence to use her inititive....well no smoke in this kids eyes, as you can see she's invented BBQ googles - she wanted to cook supper for us, so we light the portable BBQ and bought her some sausages, and when she rushed upstairs we weren't sure what she'd surprise us with, only to find her sat back at her post in your swimming googles. Sausages tasted good too!!!

Had a lovely day as always at The Eternal Maker will full classes this morning and this afternoon. We did the wrapping paper collages and then these following two layouts.

For this one, I stamped rose petals and then painted them with watercolours. I glamour dusted 1 layer, and then script stamped the 3rd and 4th layer, finishing with a Delish brad in the middle.

On this vintage layout, I made a large L monogram, which I then made a stamped label to hang off it, and used a fabric rose with a brad in the middle. I love this photo of my grandmother's wedding.

What will tomorrow bring? how exciting to imagine the possiblities!

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  1. Hey Mrs Moo, where are the photos of the layouts?? I wanna see them. Love ya! KK


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