Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 2 without mini Scrapper

My wednesday dosn't seem quite as special as normal...its funny but when I wish for more time on my own, the thought seems so blissful, but in reality when I have the whole day with only a couple of phone calls and a small exchange of words with the bank teller, somehow the reality isn't so great. My working from home day on Wednesdays is always a packed day trying to be as creative as possible before the 3pm pick-up, but today whilst its wonderful not having to pack up just yet, I don't seem to have been any more creative! that said I've been busily sewing silk squares ready to make up the front page kits for the Retreat album - the rainbow colours of the silks and ribbons look amazing together.

So,...I wonder what Mini scrapper has been up to. Still no contact at all which I'm finding very hard. When she goes to a friends or family, I still phone or text her to catch up and see she's ok. Nothing since yesterday lunch is simply horrible. Hopefully they've had lots of sunshine fun today...wonder if she's got her 2nd letter yet? Here it is - this time I cut out a cute dog from a scrapbook paper, and highlighted his nose with a diamond. I stamped a flower and popped a 3d butterfly on for him to sniff!. Daddy wrote in this one, and I popped in a tiny card and envelope from me with a secret message saying I loved her...hope we get some post tomorrow!

Have great evenings! enjoy the sun!

1 comment:

  1. Love the little doggies sniffin..too cute!


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