Monday, 7 June 2010

Life is Beautiful!

Yum, life is beautiful. After my weekend and OK Monday, I remember why I called my blog what I did. Gorgeous to have mini scrapper home, the boy brown and sandy after a full weekend of sailing, and me happy with my life a little bit back to normal.

On my trip to Brighton I picked up some amazing wrapping papers. Are you like me and can't resist paper of any size and shape...doesn't have to be 12x12 scrapbook paper, just any kind will do. I cut out the designs which looked scrapped anyhow, mixed up with some petals from vintage rose papers, a bit of glamour dust, black stamping and some paper roses. I also bought these amazing pale pink postcards and envelopes - french you know - just need to be scented! I normally work on white card, just because I love the artwork to not be distracted by the background colour, but am really enjoying playing with pink (well I would wouldn't I!).

Make sure you look at wrapping papers to scrap and create with - even the supermarkets have designs I can't resist.

Off to have a coffee and a bickie

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