Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Brownies Scrapped Post

Boo Hoo, mini scrapper has gone to Brownie Camp...it feels very odd stilling being in the office at 4.30 and not having to rush like a mad woman through traffic to pick her up...even more so as I see other children off at Half Term. Still on my "very proud Mummy" side, I was delighted that she waved me off all confident and ready to start her adventure. We settled her in, putting out her sleeping bag and brownie blanket (which I suddenly remembered whilst in bed last night, needed more badges sewn on, so did them with sleepy eyes and by bedside lamp), and of course Curly, and popped her things under her campbed.

One of the things they asked us to do was to prepare some letters for them for each day...hey now your cookin' just my kind of thing. So on Sunday night I stayed up late and prepared 4 handmade and personal cards for her. Quite tricky to come up with designs that are for children, (especially having the daughter I do)I'm much more used to designs for big people. Anyway 4 cards later I'm very happy and only wished that I got more scrapped post. I'll show you each day's here on the blog.

Today's features this gorgeous little owl. You know when you see a set of stamps that are quite cute, but you don't want them to look tooooo cute. This was the case with these ones. I've stamped him on pretty paper, and then stamped his wings on a contrasting one and stuck over the original wings. Then I've glittered his eyes and couldn't resist sticking a flower on his head. I also stamped the word love on his tummy with my cool typewriter font stamps. Next I stamped a spray of flowers for a branch, and a little bit of script stamp on the bottom. Yeah very happy. Inside there is also a quiz and one of those cool folded thingeys (can never remember there name!), pick a colour, pick a number, pick a number, lift up the flap and do the crazy task....hope they have fun swapping socks with each other !!!

Yucky weather here - hoping for a sunnier Wednesday.

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